Set in a small place of bliss and beauty, relax and indulge in your self. Located west of Billings, MT. In our facility we aim to deliver a relaxing welcoming experience to give you a small break of tranquility with a Medical aesthetic practice that reflects things near and dear to our hearts- wellness, family, beauty, and healthy aging.

Amber Hirschi Licensed Cosmetologist, Advanced Aesthetician, Co founder of Estheva Medical Spa and Plush skincare Studio wants to invite you to experience something different in Billings, Mt.

With the expertise from our complete staff we are able to offer a wide variety of services such as Medical Aesthetics, Botox, Juvederm (lip fillers), Hormone Replacement Therapy, IV Therapy, Non surgical Chin and Face LIfts, Vampire Facials, Prp Treatments, Laser treatments, Wrinkle reductions, Collagen and Elastin Production, Complete skincare. Spa treatments including Massage therapy, European facials, Dermaplaning, Hydrodermabrasion ,Body scrubs and wrap services, Lash extension , Permanent Makeup , Wedding Makeup and more.


Creating Change...The House of Skin and Beauty

  My vision as the owner of Plush Skincare Studio and Co Founder of Estheva Med Spa is humble and small, affordable for all. After pursuing my passion in the beauty industry starting with the business side, I decided to find my own unique place and with the hard work and dedication of my husband, family, friends and co-workers I can finally bring Billings a place anyone can call a home away from home.

I love educating clients on skin care and their individual skin needs and I am all about making people feel their best from the inside out.

Amber has 22 years in the beauty industry and has been licensed for 15 years. Amber continues with her education in the beauty industry by completing many advanced aesthetics trainings all over the country. She recently attended a permanent cosmetics training in Ireland with Monica Ivani

Owner of Plush Skincare Studio
Licensed Cosmetologist, Co Founder of Estheva Med Spa , Certified Laser Technician, Certified in Chemical Peels, Certified in Body Sculpting, Medical Aesthetician, Advanced Permanent Makeup Tech (8 times certified), (4 times Certified) Advanced Eyelash Tech and Educator, Educator for Procell Therapies Micro Channeling, Educator for Dermaplane Pro,  Oncologist Certified.

Medical Director
Owner of Essence Medical And Wellness

Certified Laser Technician, 
Dermaplane Pro Certified, Certified in Body Sculpting, Certified in PCA and Chemical Peels

I am the Family Nurse Practitioner here at Plush. I am married to my wonderful husband Kevin and have two beautiful daughters. Although I was born and raised in Billings, Montana, I have lived all over the country. I returned to Billings in 1997 to raise my children and serve in the Billings community. My philosophy of care is to provide for the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

Erica grew up with her twin sister who both had a passion for the beauty industry together the conquered their goals. Erica has

a passion for caring for others so later she went on and became a CNA and worked for ST Vincents Hospital. With everyone asking for the beauty expertise from the hospital Erica grew a clientele she never expected.

Erica has 22 years in the beauty industry and has been licensed for 21 years.

Owner of Amara Skincare Studio
Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Laser Technician, Certified in PCA and Chemical Peels, Certified in Body Sculpting, Medical Aesthetician,  Permanent Makeup Artist, Dermaplane Pro Certified, Advanced Eyelash Tech

Laser Technician, Medical Aesthetician,  Eyelash Tech, Certified in Body Sculpting, Certified in PCA and Chemical Peels, Dermaplane Pro Certified

I have always had a passion for helping others feel more confident in their own skin and that's what led me to attend Blanco Blanco (now Rituals) Institute for Cosmetology and pursue a career in Medical Aesthetics. 

My favorite treatments are the ones that enhance your natural beauty like our Hydro-fusion Facial to remove impurities from the skin and our Dermaplaning facial to remove dead skin cells and hair from your face to reveal smoother brighter skin.

I just finished designing the house of my dreams and now I spend most of my free time with my two dogs Ellie, who is a Schnoodle and Oden, my Golden Doodle. 

Natalie has been with Plush since November of 2020 and is in the process of building up her clientele so that she can grow into a booth rental position

I chose to specialize in Aesthetics because one of my passions is making others feel their utmost pampered & confident through the health of their skin. I recently graduated in Esthetics from Bold Beauty Academy in May of this year.

In my spare time I like to go to the gym and go for walks outdoors if the weather is warm enough.

Carly has been with Plush since September of 2021 and is in the process of getting all of her certifications we can offer her

Medical Aesthetician, Dermaplane Pro Certified, Certified in PCA & Chemical Peels

I've always known I belong in the beauty industry. Starting back in grade school I was so intrigued by beauty influencers and my moms friends that owned their own salons here in town. Shortly after High School I made the big decision to move to Minnesota and attend the Aveda Institute for Cosmetology for the best training I could dream of. Having the opportunity to work in a medical aesthetics spa as a marketing specialist and receive advanced training and certifications before I'm able to complete school is the best opportunity I could ask for.

Aly has been with Plush since May of 2021 and is going to be continuing her education to attain her Cosmetology license in the near future. Aly is planning on working at Plush as a hairstylist specializing in blonding and extensions.

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My true passion is helping others. I had my own experience with Massage Therapy after being  badly injured in a car accident as a teenager. After this incident massage changed my life and I knew afterwards what I wanted to do. Throughout the last 18 years I have had the opportunity to truly impact people's lives by providing a therapy that can provide pain relief, pain management, stress management, headache and migraine relief, and ultimate relaxation. I have been blessed with a gift of healing and everyday I hope to be a positive influence in peoples lives.

Moriah graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1998 and opened her practice in March of 1999.